Unforgettable Secluded Suites at Fairmont

Every suite tells a story

Unforgettable Secluded Suites

Somewhere, right now, the sun is rising over a stretch of ocean, a jagged mountain peak or a tropical mangrove. There, quiet is actually quiet, just the sounds of waves against a Caribbean beach or a breeze through the trees of the Canadian Rockies. Wildlife roam on the slopes of Mount Kenya, and sea life teems in the waters of the Maldives. The mind starts to wander too, freeing itself of the tasks, reminders and appointments that dominate everyday life.

In these secluded destinations, a suite becomes more than a place of refuge—it’s a point of departure for trendsetting adventure, and a home base for meditating on the wonders of nature.

Fairmont Maldives, Sirru Fen Fushi Villas

At Fairmont Maldives, on the private atoll of Sirru Fen Fushi, the rhythms of the water and wind set the pace of each day, a tempo that the villas here follow instinctively.

Jungle grows all over Sirru Fen Fushi, filtering sunlight through countless shades of green. Gateways from the beach into this rich foliage, the Tented Jungle Villas sway to gentle ocean breezes. Safari-style tents provide cooling shade, supported by wooden frames that mirror the neighboring trees. Nearby, the Beach Villas offer ample opportunities for sun and sea, with sunset and sunrise orientations, plunge pools and tropical gardens.

Only one swim away, the Water Villas sit above the waves of the Indian Ocean. Ladders lead directly to coral reefs below, copper bathtubs gaze out over the endless sea, and living rooms lead seamlessly into decks, blurring the distinction between indoors and out, all attended to by a personal Villa Host, on call 24/7. This is a place of rest and deep tranquility, after all—a destination this beautiful requires full attention.
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Fairmont Banff Springs – Royal Suite

In the heart of Canada’s oldest national park—a UNESCO World Heritage site—Banff has cultivated a distinct air of rustic charm and worldly chic. Presiding over the town in full regal splendor is Fairmont Banff Springs. For more than 130 years, Canada’s “Castle in the Rockies” has shown international thrill-seekers and tastemakers that Old World refinement needn’t be out of place in the rugged Alberta mountains.

Whether visiting to ski or hike, relaxation and pampering are a must. Fairmont Banff Springs’s commitment to the finer things shines through in its hearty gourmet dining, indulgent spa treatments, and, of course, its suites.

The pinnacle of comfort is found in the two floors of the Royal Suite. A grand piano lies next to the spiral staircase, the Bow Valley spreading out in every direction. A curated library awaits a moment of reflection, while the spacious living room and grand fireplace set the stage for an après-ski soirée. Beneath the peaked roof, the master bedroom bathes in natural light, the perfect space to take in the alpenglow of an unforgettable Rocky Mountain sunset.
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Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

All kinds of wildlife make their homes in the foothills of Mount Kenya: leopards, rhinos, elephants and dozens of species of birds. At the base of the mountain lies Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, both a point of departure for safaris and hikes as well as a legendary destination in its own right.

Country-club chic radiates across the resort’s grounds, from enchanting gardens to a golf course bisected by the equator. The Riverside Suite elevates this exclusivity even further, with a secluded setting along an ambling river that inspires afternoons spent lingering on the terrace. Meanwhile, the Signature Suite—the club’s largest—mirrors the magnitude of the surroundings, giving plenty of space to lounge after a day of climbing Mount Kenya.

Inside the William Holden Cottage, named after the actor who founded the club in 1959, stone and wood complement the nearby mountains and forests. A four-post king bed restores bodies in need of relaxation, while the living room spills onto a lawn on which guests can enjoy an aperitif at dusk. It’s no wonder that guests have included Grace Kelly and Jomo Kenyatta, all building a legacy of African excellence in one of the continent’s most awe-inspiring settings.
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Fairmont Mayakoba

La playa. The first thing Mexico’s Riviera Maya brings to mind is the beach, pristine and stretching to infinity. But at Fairmont Mayakoba, the beach is only the beginning. Waterways criss-cross through mangroves, tropical forests reveal colorful flora and fauna, blue lagoons lie still. Here, the suites never intrude upon the wildlife, instead appearing to have emerged from the same elements that gave rise to Mayan civilization.

That Mayan heritage shines through in Fairmont Mayakoba’s Heritage Villas, with walls covered in the same limestone used in nearby Tulum and the pyramids at Chichén Itzá. The pool, surrounded by furniture handmade by local artisans, is a sanctuary made for relaxation.

Each morning in the Beachfront Suites begins with the sun rising over the Caribbean Sea, the master bedroom bathing in its glow. Palm trees sway, and the sand beckons for an afternoon spent building castles and body surfing. With private pools and butler service, guests can feel free to frolic the day away; everything a tropical vacation requires is already here.
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