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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has been setting the stage for important meetings for more than a century. We’ve helped global leaders make history and local companies hold their first board meeting. Our one-of-a-kind business meeting venues exceed expectations.

The formula for the ideal business meeting venue is equal parts must-have technology, customized catering options and exciting outings to reenergize participants. Add a dash of environmental awareness by booking a Signature Event or our Eco-Meet program, and save the planet while achieving your business goals.

From opening speeches to celebratory toasts, Fairmont sets the standard for meeting excellence.

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Effortless Meeting Event Technology

We understand the value of communication, especially in today’s world. Whether it’s a business presentation, the CEO’s speech or a celebratory toast, Fairmont knows successful communication relies on smart technology. We have partnered with certified leaders in conference technology to take your meetings to the next level. 

Effortless Meeting Planning

Successful meetings, whether you’re inking a deal or staging an international conference, begin with an easy-to-use reservation system. Experienced meeting planners value the ability to monitor reservations and manage room lists from their phone. Passkey is a customized tool for stress-free planning. This interactive system takes the worry out of getting the right information to the right people on time. From reviewing reports to email alerts for crucial event milestones, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Effortless Planning for Attendees - Group Reservations

Invite everyone to your ceremony and reception and enjoy stress-free planning with our Passkey reservation tool. Complimentary and convenient, you can customize the tool for your event. Your guests can reserve their rooms online with an easy-to-use portal. And you'll receive up-to-the-minute information and reminders. 

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